I have a knack and passion for words and rarely give up until we hit that sweet spot where we’re both on the same page. 100% plagiarism free.

~ Dawn Cross


Are you facing the challenge of genuinely conveying your message so you’re not the only one who “gets it”? Or are you simply struggling to put words to something, anything?

I tend to specialize in writing descriptions for art exhibitions, themed articles and summaries of all kinds. I can also help with manuscripts, presentations, curriculums, newsletters, and even vows. You name it! The finished result will be in as many characters (including spacing) as you require.


Are you a Swedishspeaking individual, group, company, or organization doing your very best to say or write something in English to get your message across clearly to your specific audience? Are you struggling to find the right tone and feeling?

Head over to my contact page, and we’ll get those “frågetecken uträtade.”

I also finish translations from English to Swedish.

Music reviews (FREE SERVICE)

Send your music via link* to:

I will respond and publish a review if your music aligns with my writing.

NOTE * I accept links to any platform you’ve decided to upload your music to. I do not listen to or review unsolicitedly sent .wav, .mp3 or .mp4 files.


Have you already written the message you want to present, yet notice yourself hangin’ on to your darlings? Are you unintentionally making common grammar mistakes, tiresomely exceeding the number of characters allowed, and not finding enough unique words for your message to come across just the way you’d like it too? Head over to my contact page or scroll down to book an appointment. Let’s get you polished!

Digital services

Do you have this great merchandise or t-shirt idea and now you want to transform it into a digital file to send to your printer? Does your band have a great sound without a matching visual for your latest vinyl?

I offer a fair number of digital services utilizing Adobe, Affinity and Google Drive, regardless of what type of creative endeavor you’re looking to accomplish.

Music vetting

Are you an artist, lyricist or musician, striving to massively broaden your audience and get your music in front of professionals in the industry? This service will get you on the right track, regardless of what stage you’re currently on.

Begin by downloading my basic questionnaire in .pdf, print it out, and share it with your vetting group.

If you wish to receive my written opinion or want me to partake in your vetting group to be of more support and service within this area, kindly book an appointment so we can get the show on the road!

Let’s get you to the point.


“Thank’s to Dawns writing I landed my first job as a Swedish aupair in the United States.”

– F.

“Thank’s to Dawn’s attentiveness and writing skills, I was called to an interview where I was told that I had presented them with the best job application they had ever read.”

– N.

“Thank’s to my story and Dawns listening and writing skills, I landed a solo exhibition in one of the most prestigious art districts in Sweden.”

– K.

“Thanks to Dawns’ ability to comprehend cause and effect, as well as summarize events, I was able to get my human rights met by the health center.”

– A-K.