Song Review: Matthew Dear – Modafinil Blues

Artist | Matthew Dear
Song | Modafinil Blues
Rules | max 140 characters, overall feeling

Insightful lyrics sung to a mesmerizing electronic beat with a brilliant iridescent vibe and atmosphere. All in all the song holds my attention from beginning to end.

Matthew Dear on Spotify:

Song Review: Gemma Hayes – To Be Your Honey

Band: Gemma Hayes
Song: To Be Your Honey
Rules: 140 characters, general feeling

Just leaning back in peaceful temperance, relaxing in a cloud made from white feathers. Being heavenly sung to and intermediately kissed on the forehead by angels.

Gemma Hayes on Spotify:

Song Review: Echoes – Vacant

Band | Echoes
Song | Vacant
Rules | 140 characters

More lyrics these days indicate a heightened awareness regarding traits from within “the dark triad” (NPD / NVS / CPTSD). Lyrics read as a repeat of Echo and Narcissus.

Echoes on Spotify:

Song Review: OX – Hidden

Band | OX
Song | Hidden
Rules | Max 140 characters, two similar artists and/or songs

A POP:ier, more cheerful yet still absorbing Cocorosie and Fever Ray soundalike. Has a Nordic and pagan vibe with a traveling or hotel commercial kind of feeling to it.

OX on Spotify |

Cover Review: Cosmic Cowgirls – Lace And Pretty Flowers

Band | Cosmic Cowgirls
Song | Lace And Pretty Flowers (cover)
Rules | Max 140 characters, two similar artists and/or songs

Best cover of this song I’ve heard so far. The lead female vocals are amazing; soulful, deep and delicate. “The Story” (Brandi Carlisle) and Patty Griffin come to mind.

Cosmic Cowgirls on SoundCloud |

EP Review: Bird And Beast – Vinter

Band | Bird And Beast
EP | Vinter
Rules | Max 140 characters, one similar artists and/or songs

What if Massive Attack went a bit Witch House on us with a new serene female vocalist? Vinter EP is a dark mix between noise and sorrow. Surprisingly chill and relaxing.

Bird And Beast on Spotify |

Single Review: Old Kerry McGee – House Of The Rising Sun

Band | Old Kerry McGee
Single | House Of The Rising Sun
Rules | Max 140 characters, two similar artists and/or songs

Outback, old fashioned and eerie with a “old soul” feeling to both the lyrics and music. “Horse Head” (16 Horsepower) + “Las Cruces Jail” (Two Gallants) come to mind.

Old Kerry McGee on Spotify |

Song Review: Cloud 9ine KO – C9KO

Band | Cloud 9ine KO
Song | C9KO
Rules | Max 140 characters, two similar artists and/or songs

Motivational vibe and explicit lyrics with a somewhat “backwards” feel to the track. Intriguing mix. “Legend has it” (Run The Jewels) + “The Search” (NF) come to mind.

Cloud 9ine KO on Spotify |

Song Review: They Owe Us – Got The Hots For You And Your Silence

Band | They Owe Us
Song | Got The Hots For You And Your Silence
Rules | Max 140 characters, two similar artists and/or songs

A retro/Nintendo game vibe permeates the music as well as the album artwork. Song like “I’ll Pretend” (Swamp Dogg, Guitar Shorty, Bon Iver) and “Intro” (The XX) come to mind.

They Owe Us on Spotify |