Club Review: Club Locus

Music: Locus Soundsystem
Venue: Pustervik 14/3-2020
Rules: Overall feeling
Locus on Facebook:

The build-up of the music was incredible, and I wholly enjoyed the crossovers from DJ to DJ. I was anticipating the drop for longer than I am accustomed to, and when it did come, it was physically impossible to “keep it all together” with years worth of dancing conserved in one body. During the night, all the DJ’s had a vigorous and purifying flow going. Interestingly so, the whole stage, combined with the general feel and intensity of the music, reminded me, respectfully, of a vulva during a period. I was quite literally blown away by the combination of beats and the softened mantras/chants now and then were mesmerizing.

I’d promote the club and Locus crew to anyone who thoroughly wants or needs a good time and a safe place to experience community and oneness.

Song Review: Kirsty McGee – Raven’s Eyes

Band: Kirsty McGee & The Hobopop Collective
Song: Raven’s Eyes
Rules: 140 characters

The song awoke a feeling and imagery of being led past a pair of red velvet curtains, into a sultry lounge to meet someone who has an un-communicated [ˈhɪntɐɡəˌdaŋkə].

Kirsty McGee on Spotify:

Song Review: OTR – Dawn

Band: OTR
Song: Dawn
Rules: 140 characters, initial impression

For me, this song would be amazing as a a modern dance routine described as “Catch your breath, we’re in it for the long run” performed by 70 male and 70 female characters.

OTR on Spotify:

Re-view: “Who knows. Which one are you?”

I find it easier to understand who I am spending time with if I take a step back and view people somewhat as flowers, or a specific type of plant, or a particular type of tree. All three with Roots (root causes, heritage). Branches (effects, family). Leaves (side effects, sensitivities, talents, etc.) These living organisms bare Fruit and Berries (outcome, happiness, joy, etc.) based on where they Grow (environment), who (if so) is lovingly tending to them and what type of nourishment (books, feedback, surrounding reactions, input, etc.) they are receiving or taking part in enabling.
Some people and relationships are like wildflowers. They grow where and when they want to grow, and They bloom where, when, and how they want to bloom, always in whichever color they chose. There is no way of “taming” them, and to those who try, I’d say “don’t.” To those who I’ve likened to wildflowers, I say to myself, “let them grow at their own pace.”
Some people and relationships are like apple trees. Their red apples and offers are often made in a threatening manner (like SALE signs), but it seems unwise to pick an apple from a tree that’s growing in an environment where one suspects that nourishment and soil are “polluted” (misinformed, corrupted by money, selfishness, etc.). I’d rather eat an apple off a tree that has KRAV and Fair Trade written all over it. If the apple isn’t Fair Trade or KRAV, I’d rather have a banana that is. That made me laugh. To those who I’ve likened to apple trees: I say to myself, “chose wisely.” Not a day has passed where choices haven’t been made.
Some people and relationships are like resurrection plants. You can leave them alone for years, and from the outside looking in, it seems as if the relationship between the plant and the outside world has ended. However, given nourishment again, the plant, as its name suggests, resurrects. As good as new. These types of relationships are probably some of the most healthy and should be valued most highly if anyone ever comes across one. To those who I’ve likened to resurrection plants: I say to myself and them: “congratulations.”
Some people and relationships are like orchids. Magnificent, beautiful, and angelic. They like the sound of crickets and, like most flowers, light up even the dullest of environments just by merely being. To those who I’ve likened to orchids: I say to myself, “say things to them as if your voice is the carrier of the most fragile piece of glass.”

The funny thing is, I resurrected two orchids this year. It made me think to myself again that maybe everyone is, more or less, a combination of all four and how incredible the fact is that someone or something can grow in such a short period, given the right soil, water, and care. I have bloomed.  Who knows or cares if I’m right or not. Life is wonderous. Which one of the four are you?

Song Review: ford. – Bedford Falls

Band: ford.
Song: Bedford Falls
Rules: 140 characters, initial impression

A hurtful reminder of the overly dramatic power struggles going on between on-screen couples since the dawning of cinema, coupled with a melancholic beat and melody.

ford. on Spotify:

Song Review: Matthew Dear – Modafinil Blues

Artist | Matthew Dear
Song | Modafinil Blues
Rules | max 140 characters, overall feeling

Insightful lyrics sung to a mesmerizing electronic beat with a brilliant iridescent vibe and atmosphere. All in all the song holds my attention from beginning to end.

Matthew Dear on Spotify:

Song Review: Gemma Hayes – To Be Your Honey

Band: Gemma Hayes
Song: To Be Your Honey
Rules: 140 characters, general feeling

Just leaning back in peaceful temperance, relaxing in a cloud made from white feathers. Being heavenly sung to and intermediately kissed on the forehead by angels.

Gemma Hayes on Spotify:

Song Review: Echos – Vacant

Band | Echos
Song | Vacant
Rules | 140 characters

More lyrics these days indicate a heightened awareness regarding traits from within “the dark triad” (NPD / NVS / CPTSD). Lyrics read as a repeat of Echo and Narcissus.

Echos on Spotify:

Song Review: OX – Hidden

Band | OX
Song | Hidden
Rules | Max 140 characters, two similar artists and/or songs

A POP:ier, more cheerful yet still absorbing Cocorosie and Fever Ray soundalike. Has a Nordic and pagan vibe with a traveling or hotel commercial kind of feeling to it.

OX on Spotify |