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Music: Locus Soundsystem
Venue: Pustervik 14/3-2020
Rules: Summary (updated)

The build-up of the music throughout the evening was incredible, and I wholly enjoyed the crossovers from DJ to DJ. I remember anticipating “the drop” for longer than I am accustomed to. When it did come, it was physically impossible to “keep it all together” with years worth of dancing conserved in one body. Each DJ’s had a vigorous and purifying flow going, and I was quite literally blown away by the combination of beats and the softened mantras/chants now and then had me mesmerized.

Interestingly so, the stage set up, combined with the general feel and intensity of the music, reminded me of a vulva during a menstrual period. To me, that signals a type of “respect” and tribute to womankind that I still rarely see coming from a group lead by the “opposite” gender. Hope maintained!

I’d promote the Club Locus and their crew to anyone who thoroughly wants or needs a good time and a safe place to experience community and oneness.

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