Club Review: Club Locus

Music: Locus Soundsystem Venue: Pustervik 14/3-2020 Rules: Overall feeling Locus on Facebook: The build-up of the music was incredible, and I wholly enjoyed the crossovers from DJ to DJ. I was anticipating the drop for longer than I am accustomed to, and when it did come, it was physically impossible to “keep it allContinue reading “Club Review: Club Locus”

Song Review: Kirsty McGee – Raven’s Eyes

Band: Kirsty McGee & The Hobopop Collective Song: Raven’s Eyes Rules: 140 characters The song awoke a feeling and imagery of being led past a pair of red velvet curtains, into a sultry lounge to meet someone who has an un-communicated [ˈhɪntɐɡəˌdaŋkə]. Kirsty McGee on Spotify:

Song Review: OTR – Dawn

Band: OTR Song: Dawn Rules: 140 characters, initial impression For me, this song would be amazing as a a modern dance routine described as “Catch your breath, we’re in it for the long run” performed by 70 male and 70 female characters. OTR on Spotify:

Re-view: “Who knows. Which one are you?”

I find it easier to understand who I am spending time with if I take a step back and view people somewhat as flowers, or a specific type of plant, or a particular type of tree. All three with Roots (root causes, heritage). Branches (effects, family). Leaves (side effects, sensitivities, talents, etc.) These living organismsContinue reading “Re-view: “Who knows. Which one are you?””

Song Review: ford. – Bedford Falls

Band: ford. Song: Bedford Falls Rules: 140 characters, initial impression A hurtful reminder of the overly dramatic power struggles going on between on-screen couples since the dawning of cinema, coupled with a melancholic beat and melody. ford. on Spotify:

Song Review: Matthew Dear – Modafinil Blues

Artist | Matthew Dear Song | Modafinil Blues Rules | max 140 characters, overall feeling Insightful lyrics sung to a mesmerizing electronic beat with a brilliant iridescent vibe and atmosphere. All in all the song holds my attention from beginning to end. Matthew Dear on Spotify: