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Who am I?

By K.K. [photographer, artist, musician & and colleague]

Dawn is a person full of character. She has a big heart, a sparkling imagination, and is simultaneously very careful when it comes to detail. She has an incredible ability to see the essence of complex artistic projects and make them understandable in both writing and speech. Dawn also has a solid background in the arts, which permeates everything she does. She is a positive and creative person with great intuitive ability.

By J.H. [copywriter and colleague]

I got to know Dawn in early 2016 when she worked as a waitress. Her open manner and impeccable service immediately struck me. She is friendly, quick, and not afraid to offer her assistance when needed. 

When she contacted me in 2018 to discuss the marketing of an art project, it became the beginning of more profound friendship. The woman I came to know is talented, curious, and has a work ethic beyond the ordinary. In addition to her nearly full-time work as a substitute preschool teacher, she spends several hours developing her artistry.

One of the things that surprised me the most was the order and clarity that she has in her work, in both file and version management, and copyright aspects. Dawn is also very careful to honor the authors who inspired any quotes or paraphrases. The same goes for ideas that someone in her vicinity came up with or inspired. Beyond that, she is cautious when it comes to respecting oral agreements and contracts, even when it has been to her disadvantage from an economic perspective.

By C.Y. [childhood friend, artist & photographer]

Dawn is a person who has made the biggest impression on me of all. She is a genuinely interesting person who is not easy to jot down in a few lines. She is, above all, strong, independent, smart, and intuitive. She has always been focused and stubborn. She’s not the one to give up or who is satisfied with “I guess that works.” She is too unique for the broad and general trade union. She works hard to get to where she wants and doesn’t see things as “too complicated” or “hard.” She does and makes it work.

Furthermore, she has a lot of interest in other people; something one does not always experience with someone who is “different.” Dawn is present and sees people as they are, is rational, logistic, and has fair values; without them needing explanation as they are genuine. It is never fake or a game, and she is, in general, accepting of others and their different sides. With her, you can always talk about issues, and dark matters are never far from reach. This has been a crucial point for us, having a relationship throughout most of our entire life. I will always see Dawn as one of my absolute closest friends. I’m lucky to have such a person in my life, and it’s not something I take for granted as it is extraordinary and unusual.

By A.E. [childhood friend & police officer]

The Dawn I know always has more to give. She is easy to talk to and is outgoing. She has the experience and the will to carry things through. She takes her job seriously, is motivated, and does what she knows best. She knows that the results never come from the sidelines, so she always tries to be connected and influence her situation. Dawn has these talents and qualities because crucial and essential moments in her life have forced her to see things in such ways. She likes challenges and has the quality of being prepared to revise her views daily.

By E.W. [new acquaintance]

In my opinion, I would summarize that she is incredibly driven and committed to what her heart is passionate about. She is happy, brave, stubborn (positive!), strong, and social. I think she is engaging, inspiring, and a person with high integrity. As a new acquaintance, she’s a person I feel connected to in a way that I do not feel with everyone. She feels like an uncomplicated friend who is there for me, regardless of how long the periods are between us seeing each other. She is easy-going and interesting to listen to. I have a lot to learn from her, which inspires me.

By B.S. [childhood friend]

Dawn is a person of great empathy. She cares about her family and her roots. She is a visionary and art- and culture lover.

By M.O. [childhood friend]

I have known Dawn her whole life, as we grew up together. I would describe her as incredibly creative, caring, and curious. Dawn is a person who is not afraid to ask for advice. She is genuine, honest, and straightforward in her approach. She can also be strong and stubborn, something I have experienced and something I have come to respect. She has never been anything but friendly and warm towards my family and me. I am proud and happy for her artistic talent, and I wish I had her optimism. It is with pleasure that I call her one of my oldest friends.

By F.W. [childhood friend]

Dawn provides insight into her own experiences and is happy to partake in others and give some advice on life.

By C.W. [childhood friend]

I have known Dawn since she was born and have seen her grow up. Already as a child, she was both smart and creative. Now proven when you see how artistic and musical she is as an adult.