How I do
I prefer to utilize Mac, Adobe, Google Drive, pseudonyms, synonyms, microphones, dictionaries, paper, pencils, paintbrushes, precision blades, cameras and printers.

Who inspires me?
Frida Kahlo, Neil Gaiman, Eve Ensler, Alan Watts, Marina Abramović, Jordan Peterson, Carl Jung, Jason Silva, Neil deGrasse Tyson and many more

My favorite platforms
My favorite platforms for anyone in need of a creative outlet during a global pandemic are DisplateRedbubble and Fiverr.

Hi, I’m Dawn – I actively create the life I envision for myself.

I do so by writing, speaking, designing, playing, singing, and building it into my neurological, psychological, physical, material and digital existence.

I enjoy exploring new perspectives as well as new ways of thinking and doing. This personality trait might give you some insight into why I spend a lot of my time making observations, communicating ideas and asking questions to create allowance for different POVs.

If you were to casually run into me, you’d most likely do so while I’m reducing distractions with some assistance from my Ultrasone Performance 840’s or in focused conversation with a friend or collaborator.

What I do

| since 1995

art exhibitions
| since 2015

| since 2006

| since 2012

proof-reading & translations
| since 2005

digital art & illustration
| since 2006

editing, layout & product design
| since 2006

grant applications
| since 2015

I especially love writing, and truly believe in writing to align for others what I am able to write and align for myself.

Top 5 most recent and insightful work experiences

Digital services
(2020 – current)
Project “Safety First” | Veolia | Sweden

Digital services
(2019 – current)
Membership magazine | SFLK | Sweden

(2019 – 2023)
Project “TBA” in Bild & Form | Konstnärsnämnden | Sweden

Exhibiting artist
(2019 – current)
Exhibitions “I am the climate” and “Pas De Cartier”The Bridge Gallery | France

Exhibiting artist, photographer, product designer and writer
(2017 – *current)
Exhibition “We Were Here” | Ditt Galleri | *Insjöns Hotell | Sweden

Top 4 most eye opening educations

Industrial technology
(2020 – 2021)
Welding | C.B.A. | Sweden

(2019 – 2020)
Music Licensing | Sync Songwriter | Online education

(2009 – 2012)
Civics and social work | University of Gothenburg | Sweden

Music psychology
(2008 – 2009)
How and what music can influence | Uppsala University | Sweden

What the neighbours are saying

She has a big heart, a sparkling imagination, and is simultaneously very careful when it comes to detail. She has an incredible ability to see the essence of complex artistic projects and make them understandable in both writing and speech.

– K, photographer, artist, musician

Her open manner and impeccable service immediately struck me. She is friendly, quick, and not afraid to offer her assistance when needed. One of the things that surprised me the most was the order and clarity that she has in her work, in both file and version management, and copyright aspects. She is cautious when it comes to respecting oral agreements and contracts, even when it has been to her disadvantage from an economic perspective.

– J, copywriter

She has always been focused and stubborn. She’s not the one to give up or who is satisfied with “I guess that works.” She works hard to get to where she wants and doesn’t see things as “too complicated” or “hard.” She does and makes it work.

– C, childhood friend, artist & photographer

I have known Dawn her whole life, as we grew up together. I would describe her as incredibly creative, caring, and curious. Dawn is a person who is not afraid to ask for advice. She is genuine, honest, and straightforward in her approach. She can also be strong and stubborn, something I have experienced and something I have come to respect. She has never been anything but friendly and warm towards my family and me. I am proud and happy for her and I wish I had her optimism. It is with pleasure that I call her one of my oldest friends.

– M, sister from another Mr