Club Review: Club Locus

Music: Locus Soundsystem
Venue: Pustervik 14/3-2020
Rules: Overall feeling
Locus on Facebook:

The build-up of the music was incredible, and I wholly enjoyed the crossovers from DJ to DJ. I was anticipating the drop for longer than I am accustomed to, and when it did come, it was physically impossible to “keep it all together” with years worth of dancing conserved in one body. During the night, all the DJ’s had a vigorous and purifying flow going. Interestingly so, the whole stage, combined with the general feel and intensity of the music, reminded me, respectfully, of a vulva during a period. I was quite literally blown away by the combination of beats and the softened mantras/chants now and then were mesmerizing.

I’d promote the club and Locus crew to anyone who thoroughly wants or needs a good time and a safe place to experience community and oneness.

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